Archiving papers: Vol. I

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As I explained in a previous post, I have many papers laying around that perhaps were useful in its day, but I haven’t come back to them for years. I like reading on paper, not screen, and that’s why I printed them.

But on the other hand, if I throw them away, I won’t (most likely) ever remember about them. Or I’ll remember them, but I won’t be able to find them again!

So, first volume of «Archiving papers». Remember, future Jorge: These were useful… once.

Geomorphic analysis in the Zagros Moutains.

Zebari, Mjahid, et al. «Relative timing of uplift along the Zagros Mountain Front Flexure (Kurdistan Region of Iraq): Constrained by geomorphic indices and landscape evolution modeling.» Solid Earth 10.3 (2019): 663-682.

I printed this paper a couple of years ago, as Kurdistan and Zagros are two of my main points of interest. It includes a great example of geomorphic analysis of a fold (Harir Anticline), and this is something I hope I can use in the near future.

Zebari et al., 2019
Zebari et al., 2019

Reassessment of Zagros «phantom earthquakes» (Fin and Qashm) with InSAR

Nissen, Edwin, et al. «Zagros “phantom earthquakes” reassessed—The interplay of seismicity and deep salt flow in the Simply Folded Belt?.» Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 119.4 (2014): 3561-3583.

Excellent description of two of the most interesting earthquakes in Zagros: Fin and Qashm. The authors review the seismological characteristics of Zagros, and provide a good description of InSAR techniques in the estudy of earthquakes.

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