Fagradalsfjall webcams: Live eruption from Iceland

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The volcanic eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in the peninsula of Reykjanes (Iceland) has just started (10/7/2023), and we are lucky enough to have access to several webcams located in the area. Geologists like me (and generally anyone interested in our planet) from all over the world have been looking towards Iceland in the last days, and fortunately the Icelandic people take their geology and geohazards very seriously; the volcanic field is well monitored by the authorities, such as the Icelandic Met Office. So, I have quickly put together some of those Fagradalsfjall webcams.

Do you know of any other cameras covering the eruption? Please, leave a comment and I’ll add them here.

Clear view of the fissural eruption at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. Photograph courtesy of the Icelandic Met Office.
Reykjanes (north), with Mt. Keilir in the horizon. Courtesy of RÚV.
Reykjanes South, from Mt. Keilir. Courtesy of RÚV.
Various views from Stóri-Hrútur. Courtesy of mbl.is (Thanks Reed Mideke, and Oskar im Keller)
Litli-Hrútur eruption, Reykjanes Courtesy of mbl.is (Thanks, Rabagast)
Live feed, with drones! Courtesy of Isak Finnbogason. Thanks Florian for this.

Fagradalsfjall from Mt. Þorbjörn:


Latest seismic activity

Reykjanes ridge – earthquakes during the last 48 hours (Preliminary results) | Reykjanes ridge | Icelandic Meteorological office (vedur.is)

I’ll be updating this post if I find some more relevant cameras. Please, let me know if you are aware of some other. I’ll have an eye on the comments.


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