Getting rid of printed papers: My online papers’ bookmark

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We all suffer of this syndrome, don’t we? (Not a real syndrome… don’t worry): We find a paper about a topic of our interest; we may print it, even. But then, for a reason or another, we never get to read it. It could be that we needed that paper for a project, or because of background interest. Either way, that very interesting paper now lies around in our cabinet, desk or archive. Maybe under the sofa.

After some years, perhaps we should get rid of it, but… what if we need to read it in the future? What if we don’t find it again? Perhaps this is actually some kind of Diogenes syndrome. Oh, no. It is.

As this blog is rather empty and soulless at the moment, I thought I would have a category for making a quick note about each of those papers and at least I would create some content. Then I can feel free to throw those papers away! These aren’t reviews; they are simply a quick overview/summary of its content and why I felt it was worth printing it, and keeping it (but well… I was too busy to read it). Let’s say they will be a future note for myself about them.

Will I ever need them again? Only time will tell. I will update this entry with the actual name I will use for that category… when I do post anything.

"Scientific Journal Covering Kilauea" by Hawaii Digital Newspaper Program UH Manoa Library is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
«Scientific Journal Covering Kilauea» by Hawaii Digital Newspaper Program UH Manoa Library is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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